truck driver Breaks into Tears when his cat returns to him

No one came to call the cats, and she carried him and took him to her car to warm him. Kitty looked rough around the edges and showed signs of being on the streets for some time. He needed veterinary care.

Kimberly decided to bring him along to her destination as she knew a place that would be able to help this little guy.

They reached out to Lollypop Farm, an animal welfare organization in Fairport, New York, and the shelter took him in with open arms. “What Kimberly didn’t know was that this cat was not any ordinary cat — but a seasoned traveler himself,” Lollypop Farm shared with Love Meow.

“the Admissions Team immediately scanned for a microchip, as they do with all incoming pets. Not only did he have one, but he had an owner who had registered him under a Texas address that was over 1,465 miles away! This was one cross-country kitty.”