7 Reasons Why Cats Are the Best Pets

Why Make Cats Better Pets

We love all animals, especially cats and dogs. We grew up with dogs, but we got the cats about four years ago or less, we have found that cats are much better pets than I had been granted at first.

It can never be seen by self-proclaimed dogs and cats, but as a person with pets, I can now see how cats can be absolutely wonderful and perhaps better pets than dogs, depending on your lifestyle. Unlike what many dogs think, cats are as honest, fun and enjoyable as any dog. In addition, cats have some benefits for dogs in that they are objectively easier to care for.

7. Cats tend to be clean animals

Cats spend a lot of their time cleaning themselves, so you won’t have to bathe with your feline friend. Compared to dogs, cats tend to smell better. Unlike dogs, your cat will not go out and walk around unpleasant things or fight a skunk. Because cats are very good at keeping them clean, they usually feel softer and cleaner than dogs and many other animals when they breed pets.

6. Quiet cats

Even the highest meows, the most persistent are much calmer than most bark. Even when her cat tries her best to annoy you for giving additional treatments, her meow sounds adorable. You won’t have neighbors complaining about a cat cat. It’s hard to get bothered by these nice little sounds.

5. Cats are low maintenance

Kitties are more self-sufficient than other pets, especially dogs. Cats should not be taken out of the house several times a day for bath and exercise. Cats also need almost no training like dogs. Cats are also self-cleaning.


Although cats still need love and attention just like dogs, they don’t need as much interaction as dogs. Your cat will only curl at your side while you work, while your dog may ask for your full attention. Cats can also be left at home alone at work and no less likely to destroy your home during your departure.

4. Cats don’t need to be taken out

Cats don’t need to go out at midnight to do their work. Although no one has cleaned up the litter box, it is still much easier and less burdensome than having to go out in the dark or bad weather and having to carry small luggage of your friend’s thin garbage to reach the trash.

Cats are small enough that they can get a lot of exercise indoors, especially if you have plenty of vertical space to climb with your feline friend. Since cats do not need to go out, you will never trace in the mud after you have cleared the ground.

3. Super cats are easy to potty train

Most cats already know how to use a litter box once they are brought home. Even cats that were born stray or brutal know the instinct to bury waste after going to the bathroom. The most you need to do to potty train your new furry friend is to show her where the litter box is and show her how to dig into the litter (clean) using your hand.


2. Cats protect your home from pests

Just having a cat is usually enough to keep mice and rats away. If rogue rodents find their way into your home, your natural predatory cat instincts will continue. Although it may be difficult to find remnants of your kind friend’s victories, they still outperform the margins you lose in your home.

Cats are also excellent insect hunters, keeping your home safe from moths, cottages, and other crawling reptiles (but be warned; some bugs are not very tasty for cats.

1. Cats cost less than dogs

Initial adoption fees for cats and cats are often lower than for dogs. More importantly, cat food, cat toys and other cat supplies are generally also cheaper than equivalent dogs. Cats are smaller than most dogs and do not require expensive purchases. Veterinary care is also often less expensive for cats than dogs.

Cats are usually quite happy with “toys” that cost nothing. My favorite cats games are cardboard boxes, milk jug rings and silicone bracelets that you get from donating a few dollars to some charities.


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