After months of searching, a truck driver Breaks into Tears when his cat returns to him


Matthew B., a truck driver, Ashes the cat, These two have been always come together in the way from the beginning, The 3-year-old gray cat shares an incredible bond with his human as they travel together around the country, in the comfort of his 18-wheeler.

Ashes was his work partner and never left his side until last July when they were passing through Springfield, Ohio. The cat accidentally slipped out of the truck while it was parked at a Love’s stop.

He was He felt very concerned and quickly ran off into the bushes. Matthew was devastated and searched every nook and cranny for his best friend. After combing through the area but to no avail, he was heartbroken as he had to get back on the road — but he knew right then that he had to come back.

truck driver Breaks into Tears when his cat returns to him

Over the next few months, he arranged his ways several times so that he could return to the same place to look for ashes. he Kept coming back in the hope it would be the day he would find Ashes.

Earlier this month, Kimberly T. arrived. And her friend to the same station while on her way to New York. Just before she got back to her car, she caught her attention – a hungry, fragile cat that emerged from the bush in search of attention.

“He was trying to not put his feet down on the ground, it was so cold,” Kimberly recalled.


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