Cat Spent Most of His Life as a Stray Finally Becomes Dad to Orphaned Kittens

This lonely cat spent most of his life living on the streets, was in poor shape and had several wounds on his face. Fortunately, the good Samaritan found him and gave him a second chance in life. Meet Runt!

Runt, a tabby cat, has always been a streay cat his entire life until Emily Blythe Took him in. When Runt was found he was in a terrible condition and he was malnourished, he had several wounds on his face and ears and he had a respiratory infection.

His body was in pretty bad shape when he was brought to the lake county Animal Shelter. Read about how to keep your cat warm this winter. The vet also told Emily something she didn’t expect, Runt was 14 years old. Instead of leaving Runt in the shelter, Emily volunteered to become his foster mom.

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