3 Tips To Let your cat come to you when you call him/her

Cats are independent creatures and get one inside if she do not want to come is a curse of the life of many cat owners. In fact, if you have not trained your cat to come to you, she will only answer your call if appropriate for her. The best way to ensure success is to plan ahead and train your cat to emerge. This is not as fictional as it sounds, since cats are trainable like dogs, they have a shorter attention span and need more stimulation than praise alone.

1- Getting Your Cat Inside Immediately

Call your cat’s name, if your cat doesn’t respond in the first 15 seconds, she’s either out of ear shot or not planing to come in.

If this is the case, don’t let your voice betray your frustration. Instead, shut the door and do something else for 10 minutes, and then try again with .

2- Use food to get the cat back inside.

Just let the cat come out when she is hungry. Take the food several hours before the due date to partially focus on when the next meal will arrive.

This way when you need her back, if she refuses to answer her name, try to shake the cat’s biscuit box. When she comes to work, be sure to reward her with food.

3- Find your cat

If it’s important to have the cat indoors and can’t see it, go and see. If it is raining or the weather is cold or the wind is strong the cat is afraid, she may hide under the bush and refuse to move.

If she is hiding from danger, or just a drought, she is unlikely that you will escape, and you can carry it to carry it home.

Does your cat come to you when you call him/her ?

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