Look for someone who looks at you the way that cat looks at her Best owner

Stengaird’s mother, Joan, made sure that Ruby looked at much of the big day.

She bought her a beautiful dress, and even provided her with a shiny collar to complete the outfit.

Ruby, who was beautiful at first, turned into a real belle of the ball.

Once wearing them on the teeth, Joan took some pictures of the traditional concerts of the wonderful husband.

One of the pictures was then posted online by Sam’s sister and soon became viral.

Now, Many people have viewed the picture of the cat Ruby and it’s been posted all around the web and social media. Everyone is absolutely loving the goofy pair and people from all over the world are swooning over Ruby.

Her new-found fame has spawned an Instagram page, rubytheprettykitty, where you can see more of her and the Steingard family.